Music is my lifelong passion and my perpetual avocation.  I spend almost all my free time interacting with the aural arts, whether playing, listening to, reading about, discovering new, or talking about music.

I have released art music (of a drone / noise / ambient persuasion) under the name ἡσυχασμός.  In late 2014 I released an analog demo, and over the course of 2015 I recorded δι’ ἐσόπτρου ἐν αἰνίγματι, an introspective full-length exploration of music and sound in abstract as spirituality; you can listen to it at the right. In the fall of 2016, I released an atmospheric black metal EP, θάνατος τῷ κόσμῷ. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the music or the process of its creation.

I also was in a midwest-emo-ish band called Torpids, which released a demo in 2016. 

I’m currently working on a long, progressive jazz-pop album, to be released whenever I get it done.