My ratings are a reflection of everything currently in my digital library that I have listened to the entirety of.  As such, feel free to ask me if you’d like a digital copy of anything I have rated.  My curve is naturally balanced high because I don’t seek out and listen to things that I won’t like, and I don’t see the point in fake-rating a bunch of garbage music just for a 2.5-star average rating; likewise, because I end up seeing more terrible movies because of social situations, that curve is more balanced.  Things in collection but not rated are things I made, which I feel I have no place rating.  Wishlist is for stuff I want to download; stuff I already downloaded but haven’t heard is in a backlog on my PC.

5.0 – Something that outdid every possible expectation for me; a masterpiece by any critical consideration and yet a work that manages to provoke a strong emotional response even after repeated listens.

4.5 – Timeless; either a superbly executed innovation or a perfect expression of an established form.

4.0 – A release I have no issues with; one which is full of beautiful moments that make me want to come back and listen again.

3.5 – Something I love; one for which any downsides are rendered ignorable by just how good its upsides are.

3.0 – A worthwhile, interesting release that I enjoyed listening to and would likely enjoy listening to again.

2.5 – Either a mix of equal parts bad and good music, or a solid work that’s uninteresting/boring. Still worthwhile to listen to for a good song, idea, etc.

2.0 – Something that falls short as a whole despite having promising elements.

1.5 – A piece with fine ideas ruined by bad execution, or the converse: an unexceptional rendition of something worthless.

1.0 – A work whose flaws are bad enough to make it impossible to enjoy any of its merits.

0.5 – Something so bad it’s actively upsetting. Worse than just “not good;” this is something musically criminal. (there aren’t any of these rated because I don’t think I’ve ever sat through something like this by choice)